TWIST Intervention Program

Supporting and protecting
our Trangender Non-Comforming

Transgender Women Involved in Strategy for Transformation


Transgender Women Involved Strategy for Transformation (TWIST) is an intervention program for transgender women living with HIV. TWIST is dedicated to providing a community to share experiences, offer support and bond through the challenges of diagnosis. TWIST seeks to improve communication skills, build self esteem, and offer sisterhood in battling the stigma of HIV. The goal of the program is to build a like-minded support network while addressing key issues faced by those living with HIV.


Holds a weekly focus group for 4 days for 4 hours a day.
No more than 10 participants each session
Specific days and times will be decided via polling of participants

Discussion topics

Drug and medication adherence
Controlling chronic conditions
Minimizing risk
Overall long-term health
Comfortable in own skin
Building self-esteem
Learn to love yourself
Toxic relationships.
What is “toxic”?
Effective communication
When to walk away
Who to talk to
Battling stigma
Addressing the facts
Combating myths


Recruitment material
Meeting space
Snacks/Drinks provided


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