Sex Work is Work!!!
May 15
The Pier @ Christopher St

Manhattan has confirmed, consensual sex work will no longer be prosecuted. However, the fight must go on. We demand rights!!!!!

Only a handful of the women in my community enjoys sex work. The majority of them want a way out. We need to shelter in place, community centers, and organizations with programs that are centered around and specific to sex work, with different kinds of support and educational targets that will cater to individuals needs and growth.


Join Bridges4Life and hundreds of sex workers as we take it to the streets saying fuck the police, no justice no peace!!!!!

March in solidarity with us as we celebrate sexual liberation, screaming sex work is work. Help us spread awareness and let’s stop the slut shame!!!!

Help is needed, this will be a big one. Please donate to help cash app / Venmo or PayPal. Click here to find out how you can support our work.

We need, bikers, speakers, medics, spiritual healers, and all sexual bodies to the front let us do some Foot Work!!!!

Stay tuned for more info!

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