A Transdependence Day Ball
The Pier @ Christopher St
Sunday, July 4th

Join us for a special Transdependence Day Ball! This will be a day of community, outreach, fashion and more! Join us as we celebrate and uplift the Trans community, while rejecting the American patriotism commonly associated with July 4th.

Turn a look in one of 6 fabulous categories for a chance to win a trophy of your very own:

Trans Man Realness
GQ front cover trade
Vogue Fem
Bring it like a pussycat doll
Butch Queen Realness
First time in drag at a ball
Electric Blue Bizarre Runway*
B movie creature feature avant-garde and “weird” fashions
Pretty in Pink Fem Queen Realness*
80’s business woman – think “Dynasty”
Angelic White Sex Siren*
Victoria’s Secret meets Rockettes body with production & elegance

*Category must be walked in the color associated with it to be considered for a trophy.

Show up and show out!

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