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These are all entirely optional questions. Please fill out as much as you are comfortable.

Your answers / audio recordings will be sent directly to Tahtianna and may be used in part for a site-specific audio installation that will piece together snippets from various interviews to bring together many voices from the TGNC sex work community.

This installation will exist both in public and online during a period of time in May, more information will be made available on this website. The full audio, with minor edits, may be used in a private podcast available to Bridges4Life Patreon subscribers. Your answers may also be used for Anonymous Data on the Bridges4Life website.

    -record your voice directly into your phone, if speaking to another person through a zoom call wear headphones and ask them to do the same on their end
    -place your phone on a surface that will not be touched, adjusted or disturbed during the recording process. Whatever surfaces are around/supporting the phone should be as soft as possible ie: if the phone is sitting on a music stand, first cover the music stand with a towel
    -the microphone inside the phone is directional. keep this in mind and aim directly at the bottom (home button?) of your phone when you talk
    -try to maintain as similar of a volume as possible throughout the conversation
    -do not stop the recording until you have disconnected (airplane mode helps reduce interruptions)
    -if you yell, turn your head 90 degrees away from the phone while at a louder volume and try to keep fidgeting to a minimum

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